what's in a name?

We are truly grateful to live in a country that has been so generously blessed by Mother Nature. Our name, Miterra, “Mother” in Greek, is a tribute to Mother Earth for all the wonderful gifts she has bestowed to this land and serves as a namesake to the mother archetype which is shared across the world irrespective of culture, ethnicity or religion.
Our Vision: We travel constantly to every corner of Greece in order to locate the best products this land has to offer. Our vision is to bring to you the quality of goods that local producers reserve for their own family table and our pledge to you is that only the very best is good enough to carry the Miterra brand.
Our Community: Our commitment does not stop in finding the best products for our customers. We are firm believers that strong local communities keep local cultivars intact, ingredients unadulterated and the production methods traditional. We strive to support local producers of fine Greek products by offering them a chance to connect to the rest of the world. We promise to always offer them a fair deal for the fruit of their labor and our commitment to fair treatment extends towards our suppliers, associates and, naturally, our customers.

Miterra's Balance Sheet