Our olive oil comes from the rolling hills of the western region of Crete. The soil, unique microclimate, and most importantly, the producers of the region contribute to the creation of our all-natural, unadulterated, top quality extra virgin olive oil.
The olives are hand-picked from the olive trees without the use of heavy machinery so that the “olive fruit” is not bruised and it remains intact for selection. The stages after the olives are gathered and sorted out are critical in retaining the many health benefits of the olive oil.

Miterra ensures that the appropriate cultivation practices, manual harvesting of the fruit, immediate milling and careful storage, filtering and bottling are correctly carried out so that our olive oil fully retains its precious vitamins and antioxidants. The traditional methods of harvesting, together with the latest processing and storage techniques ensure that our olive oil's superb flavor characteristics and outstanding quality are maintained for our customers.
All procedures from the olive trees’ farming to the oil production are subject to strict government inspection in order to certify its quality by the European Union and the Greek authorities.